Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Art to Share


"Only in Your Dreams"
Watercolour Collage with Gold Leafing 22" x 30"

I'm thrilled to share.....
My Watercolour Collage has won 2nd place in the 
Contemporary Fine Art International's 
Fall 2015 Colors of Autumn Juried Show.

The original is available at:
Dodson's / Spokane, WA

"Only in Your Dreams" is part of my ongoing series using regional leaves that I collect from around my home and on my travels.  I paint with fresh and frozen leaves to create beautiful, initial marks onto watercolour paper. I sometimes collage more leaves onto the painting as I did here. 

Ready more about my process here

A big Thank You to all who purchased my 
Holiday Cards!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and lucky me, it came with several inches of snow....this girl loves the snow!  When I wasn't cooking, I was gold and silver leafing holiday cards....shipped out with love!
2015 Holiday Card Collection

Warmest wishes from Don and I to you and and the special folks & critters in your life.  Peace and Joy as we move closer to the new year and all the opportunities we have to look forward too....I'm excited  to share new works, from process to finish and other  "happenings"  here and around the Studio.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Holiday Cards are Here!

Its that time of the year! 
First, we're planning for our Thanksgiving celebration. But before all the food, fun, family and friends convene, there is, the trip... with two old kitties (15 & 20 years old) driving from MT to WA...they're actually pretty seasoned travelers. 
Don, Jazz & Seven  

Of course then there is my favorite Holiday meal! It is, my most favorite Dinner to cook and share. I completely enjoy the entire process, even the grocery shopping! I remember cooking with my Grandmother....the love of cooking in general and especially this meal, started with her. 

From The Studio
I'm  finishing up a colour collection of cards from an original Watercolour Collage: "Poinsettia".  Some of the cards will be embellished with  gold leaf, there's always room in life, for a little sparkle...... 

This years card is a 5" x 7" folded card & envelope. 
"Poinsettia" in four colours, sold in a mixed pack of ten. 
Use Free Shipping code at checkout: card15

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sprinting Towards Fall

Time to get back into the Studio!

Wow, I so look forward to this time of the year!  The "Glories" ....outrageous amazing colours, crisp nights that make for deep sleep...(a precious thing at this time of my life), pumpkins, sitting by the fireplace with my husband, a thermos of coffee and an early morning drive in the mountains, and watching the large flocks of giant geese flying over our home. But what I crave most is the return of long days in the studio......It's where ART goes from my head and heart onto paper. 

The marathon of summer projects & chores are over. We're especially happy about: 
The pool remodel with new deck and pergola at Dads. Did I mention that my husband can build anything!!!  Lots of landscape whipped into shape.....still plenty to do next year. A fact finding trip to the Art Licensing convention in Las Vegas with 2 artist friends then onto Sedona to breath in some amazing colour, Art and inspiration. Finally, Don and I enjoyed meeting and helped in hosting the Lake Wenatchee WA social group at the Ranch in Cashmere. Dad did some table magic, I shared my new studio and art works, good food and conversation. Should be an annual event......

The Book is Finally Here!
North Light Books has released; Incite 3 / The Best of Mixed Media
My painting and its story,"A Walk at Tally Lake, MT" is featured on page 53 and graces the back cover of the book.....
The original painting is available at: 
Wild Eye Artistry
Kalispell, MT 406-314-4611

Click here to purchase your copy of the book

Stay tuned for my next post.....I'll present a short tutorial of my technique to create a collage of individual leaves in watercolour and ink...........I can't wait!

New Gallery Representation

Dodson's Jewelers and Gallery
Spokane, WA

Two Rivers Art Gallery
Wenatchee, WA

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Art work...from my Cashmere Studio

When my husband and I are working at our family farm in WA, I make time to take walks in the orchard and beside the canyon that runs along the east side of our orchard to collect leaves.  I use these leaves to make marks on watercolour paper, I call them "starts".  The beginnings of a new piece I can develop later.....when there is some free time. The piece below is from new grape leaf shoots and has touches of Windsor Newtons Opera Rose watercolor.

"Opera Glow"
11" x 15" Watercolour

Monday, July 27, 2015

Studio "In Progress"

So many things to do, places to go, and Art to See!

I am burning through my summer, literately and well...it's just flying by again.  As I've gotten older I so appreciate the opportunity to spend time with my friends, painting, enjoying a meal or coffee and the opportunity to meet new folks, see new art and ideas...all wonderful!  Also, I'm simply enjoying the unique landscape of where we live and of our travels.  So much beauty out there, its huge on the inspiration meter. 

If you're in my area, Kalispell MT or Cashmere WA, please give me a call, stop by my studio and see what I have on the art table.....I usually have a bit of story to go with my pieces. 
(click here for my contact information)

I wanted to thank the Gallery owners and organizations that represent my Art, if you're in the area, stop in and enjoy an amazing collection of Art works form local to national Artists....super nice folks too!

Copper Sun Gallery at Branding Iron Station in Bigfork, MT. Stop in and meet Owner, Beverly Ferguson, enjoy this beautiful Gallery and generous hospitality.

Wild Eye Artistry in Downtown Kalispell.....Rick Green, Owner and Artist has assembled an eclectic group of local and national artists and their works of Art.

Glacier Sun Winery......Wonderful wines, live music and a little art, be sure to say hello to Bill the tasting room manager.

The Healing Arts Gallery at Kalispell Regional Medical Center....An amazing presentation of local arts works, take time to tour and take in some breathtaking Art.

2 Rivers Gallery in Wenatchee WA...2 Rivers is an Art cooperative that promotes visual arts in North Central WA.  Join the community on the First Friday of every month for a great Art Experience. (3 new pieces being delivered August 1st)

Art Across Montana: WaterWorks Art Museum in Miles City, MT

My watercolour "Holding onto the Glory" is showing at this event.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Art and Life.....

How is it that we are able to create Art and  manage life's commitments and daily distractions.....they might be obligations that are scheduled or needs that simply fall at your feet without notice....I have had my share of that lately. But it's like a very good old friend used to say " Life is Good".

My husband Don and I have been back and forth to the family farm in Washington, getting ready for and now working on the projects scheduled for this summer.  Two new decks, one with pergola, pool renovation and landscape......Lots of land, lots of landscape.  

There are other projects in the wings but I am grateful to have such a beautiful place to visit and call home, to paint, wander in the orchard, walk along the edge of the canyon or follow the ditch bank looking at the Cascades....amazing inspiration. 

Some pictures of our projects below and my sources of inspiration. And yes thru the distractions I have 6 new pieces going to be scanned before framing. Four leaf pieces using Hostas, Burdock picked in Washington and Rocket plant from Kalispell. There are two non-leaf pieces, a tropical fish and a jeweled sunset landscape, both with gold leaf accents.....A girl loves a little gold :)

Leave me a comment below and tell me how you stay inspired in and around the happenings of life.  

You can now purchase prints and gallery wrapped canvas Giclee's

If you are enjoying my work, the story of the process please share this Blog with your friends...Thank you!

Monday, April 6, 2015

New work in Progress

I just returned from visiting my family in Washington.  We usually have scheduled work projects to do while we're at the ranch, I'll post those pictures another time.....Lots of work! 
I did however make some time to work on two new pieces using my frozen leaves, I've included some process photos below. But I'd have to say, the high-point of the trip was the beauty in the Cashmere valley. Each day was a celebration for the eyes. Seeing the fruit orchards on the distant hillsides with the trees in full bloom; it looked like carpets draped over the rolling landscape. Inspiration permeated each day.

Back in the studio....Last year I froze a number of hosta leaves that were grown at the ranch. I used them to make some initial marks and plan to do several more pieces with this leaf this coming year. 
The pictures below are "process" photos of the this first hosta piece. I will finish this watercolour up in the next several days by adding some shadowing detail, and possibly some gold leafing for highlights.

Detail cutting of leaf prints

Adding detail to the background and the college pieces

Considering the layout of the college leaf pieces

If you're new to my Blog, you can check out a previous post about my process: 

You can now purchase prints and gallery wrapped canvas Giclee's 

If you are enjoying my work, please share this with your friends...thank you!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Good New in the Mail...

You know how it is ...Sometimes the inbox is full and requires attention.  Articles that need to be read and then decide how to manage that new information, there are bills to pay, commitments to make and so on. But sometimes the new puts a smile on ...Happy Face!

Holding onto the Glory 22" x 30"

This piece illustrates the glories of fall fading into the hard pull of winter.  Fall foliage outdoes its self in colour that only deepens, becomes more jewel toned as the temperature drops....we know winter is upon us.  As an Artist, I find inspiration in the transformation of our landscape during this time of year.  From my studio window, I witness the few bold bits of foliage that hang on almost till the snow flies.  Click to see all the winners and their work.

North Light Books has announced the winners of its 2015 publication:
Incite 3: The Art of Story Telling / the Best of Mixed Media.
My piece "A Walk at Tally Lake, MT" and the story behind it, will be featured.  Looking forward to a fall release date.

And Last but not least.... New Website
Prior to all this great news, I started the rebuild of my website.  It had been about 13 years since I launched my first site, definitely time for a new face.  The new "Colours By Sheri" site includes a storefront that allows you to stay connected, see whats going on in my studio and purchase originals and giclee canvas or paper prints of my work.  Click to check it out!

If you've found your way to my Blog and would like to stay connected, please join my email list.  Thanks for visiting!
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Glacier Sun Winery and Tasting Room, Kalispell MT

If you're not out enjoying all that winter has to offer here in Montana, stop by the Glacier Sun Winery in Kalispell MT. I have several canvas giclee's showing in the wine tasting room, located in the Apple Barrel Country Market. 

I collected grape leaves from our family farm and used them to make initial marks on watercolour paper.  I also embellished with rice paper and some gold leaf.

The Winery offers a great location not only to enjoy great wine, but art as well.  Enjoy!

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

There is Work to Be Done!

My Freezer is Full of Leaves.....

This is the time of the year where I get busy using leaves that I collected this past summer and fall. It's and exciting time creating new art pieces.  The results are always different when using a frozen leaf vs a fresh one.  I discovered years ago that if I was going to use leaves for "Mark Making" in Montana, I had better figure out a way to preserve them for use in the winter. My husband knows we have little meat in our freezer, and yet he still loves me....

 Fresh leaves collected around my Cashmere,WA studio. I will freeze some and of course, and I have to try some mark making with a few fresh samples.

A gathering of leaves, grasses and moss from the Tally Lake, MT area, ready to be frozen or dried.

The Freezer is full for the season and that means I need to get to work....
Get my Art on!

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