Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mark Makers Exhibit

Hello Everyone!  

It's been a while since I've visited you here...thanks so very much for your positive comments on my Facebook and Instagram posts.

If you haven't caught my posts you might not know I have a new home and studio.  We've moved from Montana to my family home in Cashmere, Washington where I am the 4th generation to live and draw inspiration from the land.  Prior to the HUGE move, we renovated a smaller home on the farm for my Dad.  He says "its just like living in a brand new house".  My very talented husband, Don, also built him a gallery space (17' x 30') for his collection of magic. Dad has raised pears and preformed magic the majority of his life and although he no longer preforms on stage, he continues to build magic apparatus for collectors and magicians all over the world. 
Creativity runs in this family.....
Yes,"Peter rabbit" was part of the show....

OK, the last number of months, a year plus, have been crazy busy. But I've still managed to paint and be inspired by the landscape around me. No matter the season, the beauty in nature is amazing!  I have been painting for a special event...

Mark Makers
Hockaday Museum of Art
Opening Reception: Thursday February 28th 5-7pm
On Exhibit: March 1 thru May 25th (extended from May 11)

This is a three woman show, featuring over 60 nature inspired paintings by Shelle Lindholm,  Linda Hendrickson and myself.  I've painted with these wonderful ladies / amazing artists for many years now...I hope to see you at the show, you won't be disappointed

"Winter Waltz"  15" x 22"  Watercolour Collage in process
Sheri Trepina

"Sedona" 15" x 15" Watercolour Collage
Sheri Trepina

If you're in the area join us for our two day workshop.....Mark making develops creative expression and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.
Call the Hockaday Museum of Art to reserve your spot.

"Among Friends" 11" x 30" Watercolour Collage
Sheri Trepina

Thanks for following my work and all that goes with it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Botanical Holiday Greetings from the Studios of Sheri Trepina

From the original watercolour "First Freeze"

Life is good in this two studio household.  Don and I have enjoyed a busy year.  We remodeled, actually re-built our rental in WA.  It is all set for the next decade....well, we have some landscape work to do, but the interior is good to go. Don had two surgeries this year and he is almost as good as new...he's my bionic man!  I took off in August and enjoyed an amazing Artist Residency in Sedona AZ....there is no place that compares.  My host Anne, her home and its stunning views fed my creative soul....I'll have to go back.  I've enjoyed several art shows this year and am grateful for your cheers, high family, friends and art community are the best....Thank you!

Recent Studio Works 
And a big shout out to Dodson's Jewelers & Gallery in Spokane WA, for the sale of "Tangerine Sunset" Original
......Thank you Penn & Debra! 

Mark your calendar....
I will be the Featured Artist at the Two Rivers Gallery / Wenatchee, WA with an opening reception Friday January 6th.  More to come on that.... 
"Above it All" 
12" x 12" Watercolour Collage

You can still enjoy the annual Members Salon at the Hockaday Museum / Kalispell until January 14th.  
"Burdock Glory"
23" x 15" Watercolour Collage

Thank you for following my work and its process.  Don and I wish you a spirit filled holiday and new year bursting with the best of the best!

Merry Merry Merry,

Friday, September 30, 2016

An Art show with a "Nature" Theme

The time is near.....Artist and friend Shelle Lindholm and I are excited about our upcoming show:

 "Natural Connections, Mark Making and 
Story Telling" 

We will be the featured Artists at Dodson's in Spokane WA.  Their newly remodeled Gallery is gorgeous...Come see for yourself!  
October 7th 5-8PM
"Blooming Red" Shelle Lindholm

"Evening Rain" Sheri Trepina
Shelle and I use the technique of initial mark making to begin our paintings.  
Shelle begins her mark making by scraping layers of acrylic paint and wax.  The unpredictable marks determine her choice of wildlife and how the story telling will unfold.
I use leaves saturated in watercolour to create initial marks. When the leaves are removed, the marks provide inspiration and abstraction. My finished work is a collage of rice paper, gold leaf and paint.

If you're in the Spokane WA area next week, stop by and we'll share some of our stories.  Enjoy our short slideshow below.

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Dodson's  516 West Riverside Ave. Spokane, WA 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Contemporary Botanical Watercolour, "Twilight" by Montana Artist Sheri Trepina

A final art piece is completed prior to leaving for an artist residency in Sedona AZ.  Definitely keeping this "cool" palette in my mind as I enter the more intense heat of Sedona. Looking forward to being inspired by the warm colours of southwest landscape.

I am so looking forward to sharing my process with other artists and patrons of the Sedona Arts Center.  I'll also have the opportunity to gather information thru photos, sketches, and leaf collection.  I'm taking a cooler so I can collect and bring leaves back to work with in the studio.  I"ll "document" the beauty of the area thru field painting with pastel and acrylics. So excited!!!

I hope to post pictures along the way.  Be inspired, follow my daily posts  on my Facebook art page or on Instagram. 

"Twilight"  Watercolour Collage 12" x 12"

In-Process photos; cutting leaves for collage

A free-flowing watercolour  enhanced
with Daniel Smith's iridescent gold watercolour.

Click HERE for more information on this Original

Click HERE for more on my Process with Leaves

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Colouring Your Life with .....Art

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Contemporary Botanical Watercolours by Artist Sheri Trepina

Are you one that works well under pressure? I didn't used to think I was, but now I do!  As I look back over my working life; a business professional in the environmental industry, to now a full time artist, the skill developed over time.

Life isn't any less demanding as a full time artist, I still have a family, friendships to nurture and chores here in Kalispell and at our 100+ year old family ranch in WA.  It seems there is more to do now than when I worked in a corporate world. Definitely no complaints.

The wonderful difference, now I get to choose all the events that fill up my calendar. Mostly, these are things I'm passionate about, and that is a blessing for sure. 

This summer I am preparing for two big shows in the fall (more to come on those), I am attending an artist residency in Sedona AZ, so thrilled about this opportunity and excited to share my experiences and the inspiration that comes from my time with other artists in a gorgeous part of our country. Summer is the time when we do projects at the ranch...if you follow me on Facebook I post lots of before and after photos. Also this year, my husband has been preparing for the National GTO convention in Seattle. He wants me to go....I love him, so I will go and meet new car folks!  And lastly, I've made the commitment to complete a certificate program; Montana Artrepreneur Program, An Artist MAP to Business Success.  

Have I bitten of too much?....well I'll just have to find out. Working under the pressure of a deadline or multiple commitments can weed out the unimportant real fast and centers me into a calm focus ......and you know, it usually all works out, maybe differently that I had planned but at the end of the day I know for sure that this life as an artist is a very good life!

New ways to see me and my art

I am honored to have been selected for the newly launched Artsy Shark Gallery.  This is a boutique online Gallery by Founder Carolyn Edlund and Gallery Manager Loren Garfolo. They have done an amazing job building the website and presenting this select group of artists. You can view the art works in situ  (click on the wall preview button) and shipping is free within the US.  YEA!

Some of the new work from the 
Cashmere Studio

This piece with its soft palette is in the collage stage; I'm deciding which leaves to glue where....I'll do some shadowing and it will be ready to present. I'm open to suggestions for a name.

"Burdock Glory" 24" x 15"

I picked the large background leaves (Burdock) from the Cashmere orchard and the reeds are from the garden of artist friend Shelle Lindholm.  I also used some of Daniel Smiths gorgeous metallic watercolours as highlights.

If you're in or near my hometown of Cashmere WA you can see my work at Kashmir Gardens.  Sherrie Kill has a beautiful floral design business, and my enlarged giclee's present so well there.  

You can also see some of my originals at Two Rivers Art Gallery in Wenatchee.

I'm at my Cashmere studio on and off throughout the year, please give a call and stop by....would love to show you the studio....I make a good cup of coffee too.  Contact me 

Thank you folks for staying connected with me and my art work....I appreciate it!

Until next time,

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Contemporary Botanical Art by Sheri Trepina

Winters in my studio are usually a focused effort on painting new works, its peaceful with snowy views from the Kalispell studio.  I also experiment and try different techniques that I scribbled in my notebook during the busy summer months.  
But this winter, has been bigger than most.... 
Yes! I have been painting and have several new art works with beautiful juicy colours, I'm so excited to roll these out in the coming months. 
I'm also enjoyed doing an interview for "Colors on Your Palette" (click link) and was pleasantly surprised to have a feature catalog post by Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale AZ. 
(View the Xanadu catalog and my Art HERE)
Lastly, and oh, so important, I continue to paint with several artists here in the Flathead Valley. Our artistic voices are different but we all have a love of the arts, and are inspired by nature. Its a time to learn and support one another.....more on these amazing artists in another post...... 
So, busy is a good good thing!

New art works, ready to frame:

"Glowing in the Rain"
30" x 11"

This free flowing watercolour collage was created with leaves collected in Kalispell Mt. A warm palette with complimentary, cool colour accents.

Detail of "glowing in the Rain" in process.
Get more information about "Glowing in the Rain" HERE

"Glories of the Storm
15" x 22" Watercolour and Gouache Collage

Another soft burgundy palette with frozen berries and vines.  Leaves collected in Glacier National Park.

Detail of "Glories of the Storm in process

Get more information on "Glories of the Storm" HERE

In Process.....coming soon!

A palette of plums and soft greens with
 a touch of iridescent gold

Thank you for following my work and its process. And a big shout out to Dodson's Jewelers & Gallery in Spokane WA, for the sale of "Only in Your Dreams" Original......Thank you Penn & Debra!

Until next time,

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Contemporary Botanical Art by Artist Sheri Trepina

I have been busy creating new art pieces. Experimenting with new mediums and techniques for watercolour. Also, considering the use of fabric as a collage element.....I have a  generous stash of colour coordinated fabrics in delicious hues and patterns, just calling to me....... 

Studio work in progress:  Watercolours on Arches 140 Lb, maybe some collage to be added...

Studio Work in progress: Watercolour & Acrylic on Canvas.  
Need to define the flowers, change the vase shape......I'll think of more as I continue with it.

From New Years to early Spring, I make every effort to stay "hold up" in my Kalispell studio.  Its a time to test new ideas, be productive & get my blogs back on schedule...I have more than one blog now.  Its also a time for me to take a class or two. I'm currently learning how to build repeat patterns using my own art, and a social media workshop...."When you know better, you do better" Maya Angelou. 
Definitely a favorite time of the year for me.  If you're in the area, please give a call...I make a great scone and cup of coffee. 

I've put together a short video thanking everyone for making 2015 an amazing year. I'm truly grateful!

Want to know more about my process with HERE

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