Sunday, January 17, 2016

Contemporary Botanical Art by Artist Sheri Trepina

I have been busy creating new art pieces. Experimenting with new mediums and techniques for watercolour. Also, considering the use of fabric as a collage element.....I have a  generous stash of colour coordinated fabrics in delicious hues and patterns, just calling to me....... 

Studio work in progress:  Watercolours on Arches 140 Lb, maybe some collage to be added...

Studio Work in progress: Watercolour & Acrylic on Canvas.  
Need to define the flowers, change the vase shape......I'll think of more as I continue with it.

From New Years to early Spring, I make every effort to stay "hold up" in my Kalispell studio.  Its a time to test new ideas, be productive & get my blogs back on schedule...I have more than one blog now.  Its also a time for me to take a class or two. I'm currently learning how to build repeat patterns using my own art, and a social media workshop...."When you know better, you do better" Maya Angelou. 
Definitely a favorite time of the year for me.  If you're in the area, please give a call...I make a great scone and cup of coffee. 

I've put together a short video thanking everyone for making 2015 an amazing year. I'm truly grateful!

Want to know more about my process with HERE

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