Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shelle's Garden

I've been digging through my freezer for leaves that I carefully vacuum packed and froze this past summer and fall.

My Artist friend Shelle Lindholm brings me big bags of leaves from her beautifully landscaped yard  to use in my paintings. Sometimes I go to her home to do the gathering and also get to enjoy coffee and kibitz about Art. 

I work with some of  the leaves while fresh and then freeze the rest for winter painting.  The leaves are used to make the initial marks on the paper with watercolour. I often add rice paper and really enjoy the movement of water and paint against the layers of paper and leaves.  

My favorite leaves have been chewed on by local garden bugs....they make very interesting marks. 

"Shelle's Garden"
Watercolour Collage
11" x 30"

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