Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Art and Life.....

How is it that we are able to create Art and  manage life's commitments and daily distractions.....they might be obligations that are scheduled or needs that simply fall at your feet without notice....I have had my share of that lately. But it's like a very good old friend used to say " Life is Good".

My husband Don and I have been back and forth to the family farm in Washington, getting ready for and now working on the projects scheduled for this summer.  Two new decks, one with pergola, pool renovation and landscape......Lots of land, lots of landscape.  

There are other projects in the wings but I am grateful to have such a beautiful place to visit and call home, to paint, wander in the orchard, walk along the edge of the canyon or follow the ditch bank looking at the Cascades....amazing inspiration. 

Some pictures of our projects below and my sources of inspiration. And yes thru the distractions I have 6 new pieces going to be scanned before framing. Four leaf pieces using Hostas, Burdock picked in Washington and Rocket plant from Kalispell. There are two non-leaf pieces, a tropical fish and a jeweled sunset landscape, both with gold leaf accents.....A girl loves a little gold :)

Leave me a comment below and tell me how you stay inspired in and around the happenings of life.  

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