Friday, February 20, 2015

Good New in the Mail...

You know how it is ...Sometimes the inbox is full and requires attention.  Articles that need to be read and then decide how to manage that new information, there are bills to pay, commitments to make and so on. But sometimes the new puts a smile on ...Happy Face!

Holding onto the Glory 22" x 30"

This piece illustrates the glories of fall fading into the hard pull of winter.  Fall foliage outdoes its self in colour that only deepens, becomes more jewel toned as the temperature drops....we know winter is upon us.  As an Artist, I find inspiration in the transformation of our landscape during this time of year.  From my studio window, I witness the few bold bits of foliage that hang on almost till the snow flies.  Click to see all the winners and their work.

North Light Books has announced the winners of its 2015 publication:
Incite 3: The Art of Story Telling / the Best of Mixed Media.
My piece "A Walk at Tally Lake, MT" and the story behind it, will be featured.  Looking forward to a fall release date.

And Last but not least.... New Website
Prior to all this great news, I started the rebuild of my website.  It had been about 13 years since I launched my first site, definitely time for a new face.  The new "Colours By Sheri" site includes a storefront that allows you to stay connected, see whats going on in my studio and purchase originals and giclee canvas or paper prints of my work.  Click to check it out!

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