Saturday, November 14, 2015

Holiday Cards are Here!

Its that time of the year! 
First, we're planning for our Thanksgiving celebration. But before all the food, fun, family and friends convene, there is, the trip... with two old kitties (15 & 20 years old) driving from MT to WA...they're actually pretty seasoned travelers. 
Don, Jazz & Seven  

Of course then there is my favorite Holiday meal! It is, my most favorite Dinner to cook and share. I completely enjoy the entire process, even the grocery shopping! I remember cooking with my Grandmother....the love of cooking in general and especially this meal, started with her. 

From The Studio
I'm  finishing up a colour collection of cards from an original Watercolour Collage: "Poinsettia".  Some of the cards will be embellished with  gold leaf, there's always room in life, for a little sparkle...... 

This years card is a 5" x 7" folded card & envelope. 
"Poinsettia" in four colours, sold in a mixed pack of ten. 
Use Free Shipping code at checkout: card15

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