Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Contemporary Botanical Watercolour, "Twilight" by Montana Artist Sheri Trepina

A final art piece is completed prior to leaving for an artist residency in Sedona AZ.  Definitely keeping this "cool" palette in my mind as I enter the more intense heat of Sedona. Looking forward to being inspired by the warm colours of southwest landscape.

I am so looking forward to sharing my process with other artists and patrons of the Sedona Arts Center.  I'll also have the opportunity to gather information thru photos, sketches, and leaf collection.  I'm taking a cooler so I can collect and bring leaves back to work with in the studio.  I"ll "document" the beauty of the area thru field painting with pastel and acrylics. So excited!!!

I hope to post pictures along the way.  Be inspired, follow my daily posts  on my Facebook art page or on Instagram. 

"Twilight"  Watercolour Collage 12" x 12"

In-Process photos; cutting leaves for collage

A free-flowing watercolour  enhanced
with Daniel Smith's iridescent gold watercolour.

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