Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mark Makers Exhibit

Hello Everyone!  

It's been a while since I've visited you here...thanks so very much for your positive comments on my Facebook and Instagram posts.

If you haven't caught my posts you might not know I have a new home and studio.  We've moved from Montana to my family home in Cashmere, Washington where I am the 4th generation to live and draw inspiration from the land.  Prior to the HUGE move, we renovated a smaller home on the farm for my Dad.  He says "its just like living in a brand new house".  My very talented husband, Don, also built him a gallery space (17' x 30') for his collection of magic. Dad has raised pears and preformed magic the majority of his life and although he no longer preforms on stage, he continues to build magic apparatus for collectors and magicians all over the world. 
Creativity runs in this family.....
Yes,"Peter rabbit" was part of the show....

OK, the last number of months, a year plus, have been crazy busy. But I've still managed to paint and be inspired by the landscape around me. No matter the season, the beauty in nature is amazing!  I have been painting for a special event...

Mark Makers
Hockaday Museum of Art
Opening Reception: Thursday February 28th 5-7pm
On Exhibit: March 1 thru May 25th (extended from May 11)

This is a three woman show, featuring over 60 nature inspired paintings by Shelle Lindholm,  Linda Hendrickson and myself.  I've painted with these wonderful ladies / amazing artists for many years now...I hope to see you at the show, you won't be disappointed

"Winter Waltz"  15" x 22"  Watercolour Collage in process
Sheri Trepina

"Sedona" 15" x 15" Watercolour Collage
Sheri Trepina

If you're in the area join us for our two day workshop.....Mark making develops creative expression and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.
Call the Hockaday Museum of Art to reserve your spot.

"Among Friends" 11" x 30" Watercolour Collage
Sheri Trepina

Thanks for following my work and all that goes with it!


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Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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